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Medicare Eligibility in Ohio

Medicare is the government health insurance available to people who turn 65, or seniors, and to people of any age with certain disabilities or end stage renal failure. Medicare eligibility in Ohio and other states includes Part A, which is hospitalization and Part B for doctor’s services.

Medicare Part A

Part A has no premiums, and you are eligible for it if you or your spouse paid Medicare taxes for ten years. You also have to be 65. You can also qualify for Medicare Part A if you get Social Security or benefits from the Railroad Retirement Board, or if you are eligible for either of these benefits, but have not yet filed for them. And, finally, if you (or your spouse) were employed by the government that included Medicare, you are eligible.

If neither you nor your spouse paid into Medicare, once you turn 65, you can purchase Part A.

If you are under age 65, you can get Part A free if you have been eligible for Social Security or for Railroad Retirement Board disability for 2 years. You are also eligible if you receive kidney dialysis or have received a kidney transplant.

Medicare Part B

If you want to receive Medicare Part B, you have to pay a premium. The premium will be deducted from your retirement check, if you receive one, every month, including Civil Service, Social Security, and Railroad Retirement. If you don’t get a retirement check, you’ll receive a quarterly bill for Part B.

Open Enrollment

If you did not get enrolled in Medicare when you turned 65, you can enroll during the open enrollment period that happens every year. During the open enrollment period, there are no pre-existing conditions counted against you. Medicare eligibility in Ohio does not count pre existing conditions during open enrollent.

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